As a member of tax advisory firms such as tax advisors, auditors or lawyers, are you looking for professional support, analytical studies or tools in the area of ​​corporate transfer prices and tax compliance?

As a management team of experts, we are happy to support you in your client cases:

  • Cost-effective benchmark studies on key earnings figures, license rates, interest rates or price comparisons.
  • Tools and other components (e.g. technical text modules) on the topics of transfer pricing.
  • Second opinion on analytical statements by other experts.
  • Specialist concepts for producing group-wide transfer pricing documentation with the master file, the local file, the adequacy modules, contracts, guidelines, etc.
  • The GTP® MANAGER as a platform solution for your global network of experts: for the benefit of your local client and his company group.
  • Structuring advice on individual issues and the complexity of group-wide transfer pricing systems.
This is how you secure your existing mandates and expand your consulting portfolio - especially in the medium-sized corporate group segment.
We are now working digitally and in “remote” mode. Our projects can only be carried out digitally.