Comparative Analysis

As Data Sources, we are using numerous internationally recognized Database Products such as e.g. for the benchmark Analyzes and the so-called „Interquartile Statistics“. BvD Orbis (also contains Data Records from the Amadeus, Ruslana, Osiris, etc.) and ktMine, IntangibleSpring, Moody’s, OECD Statistics, Market Data Statistics, internal Data, etc.

The following Modules and Packages are available:
  • GTP® IndustryCheck: simple Third-Party Comparison Information
  • GTP® Benchmark Datasets
  • GTP® benchmark Sets for the tested Party or for the entire Group
  • GTP® Arm’s Length Documentation
  • GTP® Royalty Benchmarking
  • GTP® CUP Information
  • GTP® Competitor Analysis
  • GTP® Group Analysis
  • GTP® Marketing Data
  • Individual Evaluations

Thematic Areas

  • GTP® Benchmarks als Fremdvergleichsinformationen
    • Nach international praktizierten Methoden (Best Practice) und individuell
    • As a standalone Component or as Part of the GTP® MANAGER
    • Can be defined for each Type of Key Figure and comparative Indicator, standard: EBIT, gross margin, net cost markup, gross markup, but also Prices and Cost Ratios
    • Bandwidths per Period and Multi-Period Averages
    • Numerous Key Figures can be defined
  • Interquartile Ranges for profitability Indicators, License Rates, Prices
  • By Country, Industry, Product and Service Types, Function Types, Time Series
  • Use in Budgeting, as Surcharges or Sales Margins
  • Pricing & Documentation
  • Do-it-yourself Concept:
    • We are also able to deliver preconfigured Data Sets for client-specific Analysis. You will support our xlsx Tools for everyone.