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  • Independent as a Consulting and Service Company
  • Specialized in the Field of Transfer Pricing for multinational Companies
  • Strongly networked with Partners, Financial Administrations, international Institutions, Science
  • GTP® is a Part of Markus Brem Unternehmensgruppe

We implement your Transfer Pricing System in a multidisciplinary Manner. While the Law of obligations and international Tax Law Form the starting Point of our Services and Products, we incorporate all Transfer Pricing aspects from Tax Law, Customs, Law, Business Management, Finance, cost Accounting, Management and remuneration Structures, Administration and Information Aspects into our Service Package.

In particular, through our systematic Transfer Pricing approach, we offer you Ideas, Implementations and Solutions for Diagnosis, Design, adequacy Analysis, Documentation / Reporting and thus for the defense of Transfer Pricing Systems.

Our expertise, GTP® Solutions and numerous Modules are geared towards international Corporate Groups and their Tax Consultancy Professions. We would be happy to inform you about further Implementation Details and, on request, also provide personal contact to our reference Customers.

Our Expertise

  • 18 years of experience in Transfer Pricing Consulting, including 13 Years in the GTP Team
  • Planning and Implementation of Transfer Pricing Systems
  • Design of Group-Wide Transfer Pricing Concepts
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Functional and Risk Analyses
  • Compliance Management and Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment
  • Valuation of intangible Assets
  • Adequacy Analysis
  • Inhouse Plan Invoices
  • Value Chain Calculation
  • Database-based external Comparison
  • Multidimensional Reporting
  • Strategic Optimization Models
  • Monitoring Approaches
  • Software-based Documentation Approaches

We introduce ourselves:

GTP Dr. Markus Brem

Dr. Brem

Managing Director