The GTP® Team

GTP Dr. Markus Brem

How we
support you

  • Independent as a consulting team and service company
  • Specialized in the profession of transfer pricing for multinational companies
  • Strongly networked with tax consulting teams, experts from tax authorities, international institutions, academic institutions
  • GTP® is a part of the Markus Brem Unternehmensgruppe

We implement your transfer pricing system in a multidisciplinary manner. While the law of obligations and the international tax law determine the starting point of our services, analysis tools, and solutions, we incorporate a broad range of transfer pricing features on law and economics, such as tax law, customs, civil law, business management, finance, cost accounting, incentive issues, administration and IT into our service package.

In particular, through our methodological transfer pricing approach, we provide our clients with ideas, implementations and solutions for diagnosis, design, consistent analysis, documentation / reporting. With this input, you successfully defend your transfer pricing against internal challenges, in tax audits, and in the course of controversy procedures.

Our expertise, GTP® solutions and numerous modules are geared towards international corporate groups and their tax consultancy professions. We would be happy to inform you about further implementation details. Upon request, we can give reference to our customers.

Our Expertise

  • Two decades of experience in transfer pricing consulting,
    including 15 years in the GTP® Team
  • Planning and implementation of transfer pricing systems
  • Design of group-wide transfer pricing concepts
  • Transaction analyses
  • Functional and risk analyses
  • Compliance management and transfer pricing risk assessment
  • Valuation of intangible assets
  • Arm’s lengh analysis
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Value chain calculations
  • Database-driven benchmarking & internal arm’s length tests
  • Multidimensional reporting
  • Strategic optimization
  • Monitoring solutions
  • Software-based documentation
GTP Dr. Markus Brem

Dr. Markus Brem

Leader GTP® Team, Founder, Director
  • Key Account Management
  • Structuring Global Transfer Pricing Systems
  • Value chain analysis & optimization
  • State-of-the-art Benchmarking and beyond
  • Group-wide Documentation Software Solutions
  • Development of the “next generation of transfer pricing”
  • Articles, seminar speaker, professional opinions
GTP Dr. Markus Brem

Franziska Hochmair

Documentation & Benchmarking
  • Since 2013 in the GTP® Team
  • Profitability Benchmarking
  • Benchmarking on Royalty Rates, Interest Rate Benchmarking
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
GTP Dr. Markus Brem

Andreas Albrecht

Legal Expert, Analyst
  • Since 2020 in the GTP® Team
  • Dealing with legal structuring on transfer pricing systems
  • Development of intercompany contracts
  • Processing of data analysis
GTP Dr. Markus Brem

Juliane Hör

  • Since 2018 in the GTP® Team
  • Administrative and organisational matters
  • Invoicing
  • Marketing
GTP Dr. Markus Brem

Kalpana Brem-Shrestha

  • Strategy and implementation (Markus Brem Group)
  • Impact analysis strategy model
  • Event management
  • Catering
  • Office coordination
GTP Dr. Markus Brem

Stefanie Wiedemann

Student Assistant
  • Profitability Benchmarking
  • Support