Compliance Management

Fact Pattern, Arm’s Length, Archiving, Reporting

Reporting on tax audit request or as part of the annual assessment

The GTP® MANAGER is the ideal tool in the corporate group for the definition of the transfer pricing system, the storage of documents and the creation and management of documentation. Country-specific, with user rights down to the level of individual documents. The collaboration platform GTP® MANAGER is run by the ELO® Suite, a sophisticated information management system. The GTP® MANAGER can be embedded in an MS® Sharepoint environments as well as other data and IT systems of the corporate group.

GTP® MANAGER Components

  • Comprehensive transfer pricing templates (pricing, evaluation, reporting)
  • Numerous templates for documents and transfer pricing content
  • Integration of master data and master documents
  • Workflow management available
  • Default transfer pricing reporting / customizable (documentation)
  • Integration of arm’s length information (e.g. GTP® Benchmarks)
  • Revision and version-control document management / archiving
  • File indexing (index lists easily adaptable)
  • Smart full-text search (iSearch)

Use and Application:

  • Active transfer pricing management
  • Fast, consistent & inexpensive creation of transfer pricing documentation

IT Features:

  • Server and network application optional, also single-user App possible
  • Multiuser, client-server system, access rights administration, web clients, mobile computing
  • SAP® data exchange and data import from any type of data source using predefined interfaces

Document Import Functions:

  • Full MS® Office & Outlook integration
  • No dependency on the IT department and immediate project start with the expert team possible
  • Integration of any document type
  • Technology and licenses can be used for further documentation and compliance work.