If you and your team in the group’s headquarters unit have to solve tasks related to “transfer pricing”, then the GTP® TEAM supports you directly and professionally. Because 20 years of project experience shape the GTP® concept for transfer pricing management.

  • Extensive third-party comparison analyzes on profit indicators, license rates, interest rates or price comparisons. We create third-party comparisons worldwide, regionally or locally and across all industries, functions, facts and periods.
  • Fast, cost-effective ad hoc analyzes of interquartile statistics and third-party comparison bandwidths; ideal for your own price setting approach to reach the right level in transfer pricing.
  • The GTP® MANAGER as a solution platform for transfer pricing management: pricing, plan-actual comparisons, documentation.
  • Templates for transfer pricing documentation along the OECD BEPS Action Plan 13 and local documentation requirements.
  • Technical support at all levels of Transfer Pricing up to tax audits, in disputes or in court proceedings.
Our projects are now completely digitized and can be carried out “remotely”. Time-consuming project meetings at the client's location are no longer absolutely necessary.