The GTP Team

  • Independent consulting team and service provider
  • Specialist on transfer pricing between related parties of multinational groups
  • Strongly linked in networks with cooperation partners, government authorities, international institutions, and the academia
  • Legally represented by GTP GlobalTransferPricing Business Solutions GmbH, headquartered in Augsburg, Germany
  • Member of the Markus Brem Group


We offer

  • Professional expertise on structuring transfer pricing systems
  • Arm’s length analysis, comparables studies, and benchmarking services
  • Analysis and business analytics
  • IT based documentation and reporting solutions
  • Business economics on transfer pricing including training
  • Sound tax expertise on transfer pricing and income allocation

Our Expertise

  • 18 years of transfer pricing expertise; 13 years GTP-Team
  • Planning and implementation of transfer pricing systems
  • Design of group-wide transfer pricing models
  • Transaction-specific analysis
  • Modelling of function and risk types
  • Compliance management and transfer pricing risk assessment
  • Valuation of intangible assets
  • Arm’s length analysis
  • Intra-group budgeting
  • Value chain calculations
  • Database-driven comparables studies & benchmarking
  • Multi-dimensional analytics
  • Strategic Optimization Models
  • Software-based documentation applications


The GTP® Team is engaged in state-of-the-art transfer pricing. Starting from the law of obligations, we embed deep insight in the developments of international corporate taxation into our deliverables of transfer pricing services and products. Customs, legal, IT, cost accounting, finance, management & leadership issues, administration and the like are also integral elements.

The IT-based approach of GTP supports the client to make use of the transfer pricing system with efficacy, cost-efficiency, and applicability.

Our expertise, the solutions, and the components are tailored for multinational groups and their inhouse and external tax experts. Feel free to contact us anytime to request further information and reference.