The GTP Customer Base refers to

  • Currently over 200 projects on transfer pricing issues of multinational groups, since its foundation in 2006;
  • Worldwide 100 and more tax experts and auditors, involved in cooperation activities by individual projects;
  • Customer locations everywhere in the world, yet with a strong presence in the DACH region and Europe;
  • Projects with a global transfer pricing perspective, hence group-wide;
  • The specific expertise on mid-sized multinational groups


GTP’s Types of Customer and Projects

Customer Typology

  • Type I: SME multinationals (up to 15 legal entities)
  • Type II: Mid-sized groups (up to 50 legal entities)
  • Type III: large groups with family-based ownership (up to 100 entities)
  • Type IV: Large groups with publicly traded ownership
  • Tax consulting teams and audit firms
    • Stand-alone office
    • Regional network of offices
    • Global network of offices
  • Seminar and training customers
  • Academic institutions and international organizations
  • Publishers

Project Typology

  • Professional Consulting Projects: structuring, recommendations, reviews, positions, expert opinion
  • Data Analysis Projects: multi-dimensional analysis, BigData, evaluation, risk assessment, optimization
  • Implementation: Manufacturing of documentation packages and compontents
  • Solutions: software applications for IT systems and/or stand-alone solutions; integration of GTP® MANAGER components; licensing of IT platforms for GTP® MANAGER
  • Cooperation: with experts in areas touching transfer pricing issues