Fact Pattern | Arm’s Length Statements | Archiving | Reporting and Recovery

  • Transfer pricing documentation by fact pattern, countries, documentation types
  • Compliance management systems to demonstrate, and show evidence on, good governance on regulatory and tax provisions, and to limit liability exposure for decision-makers and employees
  • Consistent within the multinational group, specific to countries, multi-dimensional reporting
  • Coordination of tax audits with different levels of controversy escalation
  • Combination of transfer pricing, document evidence, data, definitions
  • Reporting on a periodical basis or upon individual request


Packages of Transfer Pricing Documentation consist of Components such as:
  • Masterfile (global overview)
  • Countryfile (local file)
  • Country-by-Country Reporting
  • Accompanied by evidence of facts and analysis output


The GTP® MANAGER comprises the toolkits for the transfer pricing manager

  • To define the transfer pricing system of the multinational group,
  • To place documents for repository, and
  • To produce documentation packages for each reporting unit.


The GTP® MANAGER is our high-end application for the Enterprise Content Management System ELO Suite. In addition, isolated components or the overall platform of the GTP® MANAGER can be integrated into other ECM solutions and/or collaboration technologies (for example, Sharepoint, BI-Reporting, other IT platforms).


  • Comprehensive transfer pricing templates (price setting, analysis, assessment, reporting)
  • Various templates on documents and specific content on transfer pricing issues
  • Import/export of master data, master documents, other content
  • Workflow management available
  • Predefined transfer pricing reporting (“Documentation”)
  • Integration of arm’s length information (e.g. GTP® Benchmarks, other arm’s length data)
  • Version control of data and documents (IT security)
  • Document indexing (simplified adaption of new index values and indexing templates)
  • iSearch and full-text search


Deployment and Usage:
  • Active Transfer Pricing Management
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation produced consistently, fast, cost-efficient
  • Masterfile & Country File; Country-by-Country Reporting, individual fact pattern and digitalized documentation
  • Fast Transfer Pricing in a consistent, cost-efficient manner
  • Masterfile & Country File; Country-by-Country, single fact pattern, IT-based documentation processes


IT Features:
  • Single-user model or server applications with web-based functionality
  • Multi-user, client-server system, User-access administration, web-clients, mobile computing
  • SAP® data integration (import or ETL); import/integration of data and documents from various sources and data storage systems


Document Import Features:
  • Fully integrated with MS® Office & Outlook applications
  • No dependency from your IT department; the transfer pricing project can be executed without (immediate) involvement of the IT department
  • Integration of all types of documents
  • Extendible to other areas of compliance and documentation