Arm’s Length Tests | Interquartile Ranges | Profit Level Indicators

  • GTP® Benchmarks as arm’s length information
    • state-of-the-art benchmarking approaches in line with international tax practice
    • as stand-alone model or integral to the GTP® MANAGER
    • Defined profit level indicators and other KPI; default: EBIT%, Gross Margin, Net Cost Markup, Gross Markup, prices, cost ratios
    • Interquartile ranges by years and multi-periodical averages
    • Definition of case-specific indicators for comparison
  • Interquartile ranges on profitability ratios, licensing rates, prices
  • By countries, regions, industries, product or service types, function types, timeseries
  • For the budgeting process, as reference on markups or margin definitions
  • Price setting and documentation
  • Do-it-yourself Concept: The GTP® Team can establish you with pre-configured datasets to be used for your inhouse analysis. Ask for our self-service xlsx-tools.


We can deliver:
  • GTP® IndustryCheck: Arm’s length information with interquartile ranges
  • GTP® Benchmark Datasets
  • GTP® Benchmark Set on individual related parties or multinational group
  • GTP® Arm’s Length Documentation
  • GTP® Royalty Benchmarking
  • GTP® CUP Information
  • GTP® Competitor Analysis
  • GTP® Group Analysis
  • GTP® Marketing Data
  • Case-specific Analysis Models


Sources of Data

For our benchmark analyses models and the so-called interquartile statistics, we deploy varous international database product such as BvD Orbis (global database including regional products such as Amadeus, Ruslana, Osiris, etc.) as well as ktMINE, IntangibleSpring, Moody’s, OECD Statistics, Market Data Sstatistics, internal data, etc.